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  • Waxing Services

Wax Appeal is a unique home based waxing boutique committed to professionalism, quality waxing, and discrete services – specializing in eyebrow waxing/ shaping, and Brazilian style bikini wax.  At Wax Appeal there is no cross contamination.  Individualized wax pots are used for every brazilian service.  Any unused portion of the wax is then discarded and pots are sanitized.  All implements such as tweezers, scissors, or extractors etc. are sanitized as well so you can relax and get waxed without a worry.

It is recommended that you wax your eyebrows or facial hair every 2-4 weeks, and every 4-6 weeks for any area on the body.


Caution:  If you are using any prescription medication for acne or hyper-pigmentation such as, but not limited to differin, accutane, retin-A, hydroquinone, or receiving chemical peels, laser peels, or medical grade microdermabrasion, please inform us.  It is not advisable to use them in combination with waxing.

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