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  • Waxing Services


Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you but Wax Appeal is currently CLOSED and in the process of relocating to the North Shore in Haleiwa.  

Grand Opening is July 1st, 2015.  

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Wax Appeal is a waxing boutique specializing in hair removal services using only the highest quality of soft strip wax.  Sanitation is highly regarded so all implements such as tweezers, scissors, extractors , and spatulas are sanitized between clients.  There is no double dipping!  All wax is separated and used for individual clients.

It is recommended that you wax your eyebrows or facial hair every 2-4 weeks, and every 4-6 weeks for any area on the body.


Caution:  If you are using any prescription medication for acne or hyper-pigmentation such as, but not limited to differin, accutane, retin-A, hydroquinone, or receiving chemical peels, laser peels, or medical grade microdermabrasion, please inform us.  It is not advisable to use them in combination with waxing.

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